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AC or DC ?

LED Lights, batteries, electric cars and anything involving electronics such as computers, phones, tablets and TVs all use DC power (DC stands for Direct Current).  Other devices like electric motors or heating elements used in appliances may use AC power today, but there are equivalent such products that can operate on DC power.

AC or Alternating Current became a standard in the early days of electricity because at that time, it was easier to increase or decrease voltage using a transformer.  This was an important point in long distance power transmission.

Today, the number of devices using DC power continues to grow as does the adoption of renewable energies like photovoltaic (PV) solar and battery storage, which are also DC. 


Since the utility grid supplies us AC power, we must currently use many internal or external power conversion devices (for example your phone and laptop chargers).  These converters are in our TV’s, computers, phones and appliances and they add cost to the products we buy.  Even more costly is the energy they waste, which is typically more than 20%.

We are at a tipping point, where it makes economic and environmental sense to transition to a world powered by DC.  DC-World is leading this transition with products that make it simple, safe and cost-effective.  

For a smart approach to saving energy and using renewable energy, contact us at DC-World to explore the new and exciting ways to save money and become more energy independent.